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Construction of roads in chennai plays a most important role in the transportation way of goods and passengers for shorter and medium distances, we at mohideen builder construct the roads in quality standard  with safety factors consideration.

Different Types of Road works in chennai we do

Highway Road Works

best national highway road in chennai
Go-Karting Road works in chennai

Go-Karting Road works

Gated Community Road Projects

gated community projects in chennai
college New formation of road works

New Formation of college Road Works

widening & strengthening of Road Works

widening & strengthening of Road Works in chennai

Mohideen builder in chennai

We Follow principles in our road work

A way to get from Point A to Point B

Clear of vegetation and other obstacles.

Constructed of material that holds up against the forces of weather and traffic.

Shaped to keep water off, and away from the traveled way.

Our Recent WBM Road Work Project in Chennai
Site Working before WBM Road
Site completion after WBM Road
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